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There’s another world, with all your classic magic shenanigans. You got there as a teen, because you’re that lucky. You can’t go back home. It becomes your home.

Next thing you know you’re a powerful master of one of the elements – fire. Yes, still that lucky. You’re the protector of this world.

You didn’t choose it.
You’re sick of not choosing.
Well, time to do that, then?

WINTERSANDS is a visual novel following the antics of Agatha, the Keeper of Fire, who awakens to the toughest choices of her life that will define who she really is and – can be, in the magic City of Aestelin. Is being a Keeper a good thing or a bad one? What does being a Keeper mean? What if, really, a Keeper is not all she wants to be? Figure this out while trying to save your world from your once best friend and ex-crush, and remember, you don’t have to do this alone!


  • All things original: story, style, art, and score
  • Loads of endings depending on who you are and what you think of others: it’s you who gets to choose where your life turns
  • Magic shenanigans, must-see castles, grumpy elves, and everything nice, with a contemporary air
  • Agatha as a calculating strategist, a considerate peacemaker, a hot-headed fighter – take your pick, or try being some of each to find your temper
  • Four love interests, including the vital but oft forgotten love for yourself
  • Badassery and empowerment: a fair share of distress, but no damsel!


WINTERSANDS-mac.zip 181 MB


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Thanks for making the demo! The story was pretty good so far, but the use of bold seems a little too liberal, at least for my taste. It seems like there's a word or phrase bolded in almost every sentence? After a half-dozen times I just started glossing over it. So my only suggestion would be to use it a little more sparingly.

the demo was SO good! The art is just amazing and the story is super interesting. The demo was short but not short enough to be  disappointing- just the right length! I can't wait for more of Wintersands!


Thank you so much for your comment and for your interest! It means a lot!

We have a long way ahead of us, as for now we'll be sharing lore and character info. On a regular basis. We have a lot to tell ^^